• First, and foremost, I have not, and will not, compromise my ethics and principles.
  • I believe the family is the basis of society and as the family goes, so goes society. I believe in the right to life for all people. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. Government must work to uphold and strengthen the family, the right to life and marriage.
  • Taxes must be kept low. People must be able to keep the money they earn. I have worked to keep a budget that is balanced and controlled, your taxes low, and government to a reasonable size. A budget should be no larger than is needed to serve the people. I have championed a state budget WITHOUT RAISING TAXES
  • I am up to the biggest challenges we have - to keep a balanced State budget without raising taxes, to maintain necessary funding, and to stop wasteful spending. This will require hard work based on integrity and ethics. I work to maintain as much State financial support as possible to Rawlins and Sinclair.
  • Government must be kept to a reasonable size. A government that governs least governs best. The people know what is best for them more than the government does.
  • Free enterprise provides the basis for good jobs that allow people to support their families and themselves. Government should provide a sound framework and good business climate with as little regulation as possible.
  • The Wyoming and United States Constitutions provide the citizens with specific rights and the government must uphold those rights. This is especially true for the rights of free speech, assembly, religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and the rights of the states over the Federal government.

  • I am endorsed by the National Rifle Association and have an "A+" rating based on my actual voting record to protect and preserve your right to keep and bear arms. 100% pro-gun - 100% of the time.
  • The children of Wyoming deserve a quality education system and the expenditures on education must provide solid value. Wyoming spends a lot of money on education but the overall performance is poor and the dropout rate is too high. The people must get their money’s worth from expenditures made on education.
  • I do not waste money on silly spending.
  • I have been a major contributor to the work of the Wyoming State Penitentiary Task Force and continue to work to protect the local jobs and economic benefits of having the penitentiary in Rawlins. THE PEN STAYS AT RAWLINS!
  • I work to solve problems – not make more of them.

"I appreciate your support."